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    In this gallery as with my abstract paintings the main body of my work is concerned with the investigation and articulation of the ‘notion of space’.

    During the course of my research into this ‘notion of space’ I came across a text by Nick Kay and was engaged by the term ‘Placeovert’. It states: within a project there may be a ‘field’ of things of activities, and these different fields or architectures might be developed entirely in separation from each other’. …… Rather than present a specific or single reading of site, such a fractured work disperses the site, constituting ‘different groups of audience in different places’ such that ‘every single member of the audience is going to have a different reading of the piece’ (McLucas, Morgan and Pearson 1995).1

    Although this text is concerned primarily with the relationship of audience and artwork – performance art developed for and within a particular environment – it seemed to echo the intention and considerations in my making of the site specific drawings. The various characteristics of site, structure, activity, sound, emotion and place are referenced in the intuitive lines, gesture and marks made on the paper.